rollup_11pThe epitome of functionality, yet graceful as the finest furnishing, Woodfold Roll-Up Doors add both security and aesthetics to any setting, residential or commercial. Each piece is precision handcrafted of solid hardwoods and painstakingly finished to match or compliment any décor or architectural detail. Whether at home serving to camouflage a wet bar, or working to ensure security in a bank or hotel, Woodfold Roll-Up Doors add an elegant finishing touch. For complimentary impact, consider adding a custom-crafted Accordion Door to your project, as well.

Commercial Solutions

Woodfold Custom Roll-Up Doors: Beautiful, and All Business

Woodfold Roll-Up Doors are custom-crafted to fit virtually any commercial need – defining public and private areas in hotels and banks … securing bars and service areas in restaurants … serving as room separators in offices, schools and churches. Each Roll-Up Door is precision machined to exacting tolerances, with every piece edge sealed, flawlessly finished and then assembled with industrial-strength components for strength and durability. Choose manual, motorized or awning-crank operation; choose nearly any hardwood, choose any finish color. Whatever the project, whatever the preference, we’ve got you covered.

rollup_27pResidential Solutions

Woodfold Roll-Up Doors provide the elegance people want, and the smooth, problem-free performance they need. Whether you’re looking to elegantly camouflage a wall-size entertainment center when not in use, ensure a lockable way to secure a wet bar, or create a sophisticated treatment for a bathroom vanity, we’ve got you covered. Plus, thanks to custom-sized construction and custom-matched finishing, there’s not an architectural challenge or style of décor we’re not right at home with.

Hardwood Options

Woodfold Roll-Up Doors are custom-crafted of the finest natural hardwoods, including:

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Birch
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry

We can also build our Roll-Up Doors in nearly any other hardwood you’d prefer.

rollup_03pStains & Finishes

While it’s our woodworking process that sets Woodfold custom Roll-Up Doors apart, you’ll also appreciate the absolute consistency of our factory finish. Each piece of every door is individually finished prior to assembly in order to assure flawless coverage on the top, bottom and ends. Plus, all edges are sealed, so they’re protected against moisture problems which can lead to warping and seriously hamper both the operation and appearance of the door.

Our use of the finest natural hardwoods enables us to apply rich, gorgeous finishes – clear lacquers, custom stains and/or paints – that truly bring out their stunning appearance. In addition to standard stains and paints, we can custom match our finishes to your existing millwork or décor.